An Exciting Research Opportunity

Today I was selected together with two of my peers to collaborate with Dr. Hannah Cobb from the University of Manchester on an exciting piece of research. The project will revolve around the benefits of archaeology students engaging in fieldwork and primary research and whether they feel they are making a valuable contribution and actually benefiting from it. Together, we’ll be writing an article on our findings for the IfA magazine and will be presenting at the IfA conference. The IfA, or the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists are the leading British professional body who regulate standards and ethics in archaeology. Read more about them here.  I’m really excited to work with Hannah as she’s one of the most enthusiastic, interesting and engaging members of teaching staff I’ve encountered across my degrees at Manchester and Liverpool Universities. She specialises in the Mesolithic, and the transition to the Neolithic, particularly in Western Scotland and the role of material culture in the production of identity within periods of chronological transition. She also focuses on gender archaeology and queer theory. Read more about her here. I’ll keep you updated with the progress of the research as it develops!


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